Who we are

Bestuscany was designed with the intent to enhance the know how of the authentic interpreters of the area that go by the name of craftsmen and artisans, be it butchers or cheese makers, bakers or pasta makers or simple farmers who often struggle to be acknowledged by the general public. The task of allowing us to tell the story of an exclusive Tuscany engages us all year round. That Tuscany that we want you to discover, creating a group of people devoted to taste and to the desire of leaving nothing to chance in their choices. A philosophy that does not allow compromises on the quality and on the selection of the raw materials, preferring those of the area and respecting the natural seasonality.

The possibility of buying directly from the artisans “of taste” is the fulfillment of this desire to share ... the purpose that drives our workforce is the desire to enhance and promote our land, the excellence of our beloved Tuscany.

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